Artist Johnny Bowen


Artist Johnny Bowen

Panoramic vistas of ancient Ozark mountains, lit by the last rays of the setting sun. The splendor of Texas Hill Country wildflowers in bloom. Crystal waters flowing through time-eroded landscapes older than Man. These scenes of the natural world are the inspiration for the realistic oil paintings of artist Johnny Bowen.

His paintings reflect his own sense of wonder and awe of nature, and his techniques follow in the footsteps of the great American landscape artists of the nineteenth century. Johnny’s oil painting methods range from detailed, brushmark-free landscapes and still lifes to more impressionistic palette knife paintings.

A native Texan, Johnny now lives with his wife Peggy in the rural Ozarks. In 2006, he left his job as a consulting engineer to devote his time to painting.

“My painting heroes include Durand, Church, Moran, and Bierstadt, and I aspire to create the same feeling of the sublime wonder of the natural world as did these great artists.” 

His hobbies include photography, gardening, and astronomy, all of which reflect his appreciation and wonder of the universe in which we live.